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Marvel Snap Is Releasing a New Competitive Game Mode

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Digital card game Marvel Snap will be coming out with a new competitive game mode. This was revealed in Marvel Snap's updated content roadmap, which shows what players can expect to see from the game this year.Released in 2022, Marvel Snap is an easy-to-learn card game featuring many Marvel Comics characters with unique abilities.

Every month, the game comes out with themed seasons that introduce new cards and locations, among many others, that could shift its meta and allow players to create powerful decks.

Marvel Snap's current season is Days of Future Past featuring X-Men cards. Marvel Snap Leak Reveals April 2023 Season Details Developer Second Dinner has many plans lined up for Marvel Snap in the coming months, and one of them is a brand new competitive game mode called Conquest.

According to the in-game blog, the game mode will be similar to its friendly PvP mode, but takes it to the next level as players can face-off against players in ranked games.

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