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Get Your Wolf Pup Fast - Diablo IV Barbarian, Rogue, and Sorcerer Leveling Guides Now Live

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Are you a Barbarian, rushing into the thick of battle and slaying hordes of demons in close-quarters combat? Or are you a Rogue, dipping in and out of the shadows to take your enemies by surprise?

Maybe a Sorcerer, raining elemental doom down upon the forces of Hell? What about all three? During the Early Access Beta Weekend, try out all three Diablo IV classes to your heart's content — and we've got leveling tips, tricks and builds for them all!Who will you choose to battle the forces of Lilith?

Featuring iconic skills like Whirlwind, the Barbarian is a tried and true classic for many Diablo fans. After all, what's more satisfying than being up close and personal with the demon you're about to turn into a pile of loot?

Maybe you prefer a Rend and bleed style of carnage — or maybe, becoming an all out Berserker tickles your fancy. Barbarian has it all, and is an all star choice both in group and solo play.

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