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Find Every Altar of Lilith in the Diablo IV Beta

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Altars of Lilith, a new feature in Diablo IV, are fairly well hidden throughout the world of Sanctuary — or at least, they were!

A user named siegfurd on r/diablo4 has created a map showing the location of every Altar of Lilith available in the Fractured Peaks during Early Access and Open Beta Weekends.

r/diablo4 Altars of Lilith Thread Some of these Altar locations are quite tricky, and Wowhead hasn't been able to verify every single location yet — but this map is a fantastic start to those looking to collect every Altar!

Altars of Lilith are a powerful new gameplay system that allows every character on your account to benefit from increased stats (either strength, intelligence, willpower, dexterity, or life).

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