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Final Fantasy XIV's Next Live Letter Set For March 31st

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The next Letter from the Producer LIVE is set for Final Fantasy XIV fans, coming on March 31st. During the letter, producer Naoki Yoshida will be previewing content coming in the next patch for the MMORPG.The next Live Letter will be giving out the beginning details for Patch 6.4, though as is normal with Live Letters, don't expect a super deep dive this early into the process.

The event takes place on March 31st at 4am PT/7am ET, being streamed to YouTube, Twitch as well as Niconico, a Japanese streaming service.What exactly you can expect to see is the first part of the unveiling of Patch 6.4, though don't expect a ton of trailers or super in-depth information just yet about trials and dungeons to come.

That will likely happen in a future Letter from the Producer LIVE in the coming months. And if you're feeling some whiplash with the frequency of these releases, you might not be alone asonly last week we saw Patch 6.35 add-in Eureka Orthos and much more.During the Live Letter, the content will be in Japanese, but the slides will also be in English, giving North American and European fans who might be tuning in live some chance of understanding what's going on in real-time.Either way, it'll be good to start seeing those new details trickle out from Square Enix, especially as anticipation builds heading into the Spring.

Final Fantasy XIV is hosting in-person Fan Festivals this year, including one in July as FFXIV makes its return to the Las Vegas Strip.

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