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Exoprimal Doesn’t Look Like The Dino Crisis Game We Hoped For, After All

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The upcoming game has a good amount of appeal to fans of but some elements of the game threaten its status as a spiritual successor.

developed by Capcom, promises combat against swarms of dinosaur enemies in a sci-fi setting. The reptilian threat makes the game stand out from the pack of other third-person shooters, and trailers have showcased polished and action-packed gameplay.

This premise has potential to be fun, particularly for those who enjoyed, but not all news about the game is promising. shares its development studio Capcomwith the classic series survival horror titles that also offered a dinosaur threat with a sci-fi flair.

Although the first came from director Shinji Mikami and features gameplay similar to old-school subsequent titles and transitioned to an action-adventure focus.

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