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Dragonflight Update 10.0.7 Notes Are Here to Preview All the Things Coming on Tuesday to WoW

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Dragonflight Update 10.0.7 will be live in World of Warcraft this coming Tuesday, and the team has shared the full update notes for a closer look at everything that’s in “Secrets of the Reach”.

Expect new dangers, lots of incentive to explore, and a new treasure room instance. First,there is more Dragonflight content on the way.

The Forbidden Reach gives the update its title, and a big slice of its (max level) new content. Return to the Reach for all new lore-rich content that promises some answers to the mysteries surrounding the dracthyr Evokers.

If you were itching for new Dragonriding races, there are six  new ones, along with Dragonriding traits, Aerial Halt and Airborne Recovery.

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