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Destiny 2 Season Of Defiance: How To Complete All Week 2 Challenges

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Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has been out for a while now, and that means it’s time to start grinding for better stats, cool new weapons, and interesting rewards.

To help you along the way, Bungie has once again implemented a Challenge system that will boost your grind and even bump up your Season Pass – free and premium.

As will likely be the case going forward, Week 2 Challenges will be slightly harder to complete than Week 1’s. In addition, you are going to need to be at a higher level if you want to get through them all with ease.

On the plus side, there is also a new Queensguard quest to plod through, expanding Lightfall’s story. More Destiny 2 Lightfall content:  New Weapon Showcase | Strand Subclass | Defiant Engrams | Unfinished Business There are a total of 10 Challenges for players to complete each week, and the second week is no different.  Challenge Complete Week 2 of the ‘We Stand Unbroken’ quest. Rewards This is the next chapter in Lightfall’s story, so going out of your way to get it done will give you a greater understanding of how the plot is developing.

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