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D&D: Best Ways To Use Rivals To Motivate Your Party

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In , players team up to form adventuring parties to take quests and gather rewards, but what if they aren’t the only ones doing that?

Rival parties are an excellent way for DMs to nudge players or the plot along by providing dramatic tension. These rivals create competition for the party as they might be hired by opposing factions or go after the same jobs at early levels.

Both and ’s use rival parties in the background that compete against the players. For the heists in, the rivals serve as competitors for the MacGuffin the players are seeking, while in, the rivals show that the players aren’t the only adventuring party in the world.

DMs can adapt the reason behind both rival parties for their own campaigns. Related: Best D&D Travel Spells To Speed Along Your Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Rivals are a fun narrative tool for DMs that is great for snapping players out of decision paralysis or reminding them of time frames when they take too many side quests at once.

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