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3DS Hackers Are Already Pirating Games Again Despite Update

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Earlier this week, Nintendo released a firmware update for its dead console, the 3DS. While the 3DS still has a bunch of dedicated players, the update came as a huge surprise, as no new games are developed for the console, and its eShop has been offline for weeks.

Therefore, it was quickly assumed that there was only one real purpose for the update: to stop piracy. However, if this was Nintendo's plan, it failed.

While there was initially some panic that the 3DS update would disrupt the modding scene, the community has already found a workaround.

Now, 3DS owners in certain regions are able to hack their devices again even if they downloaded the version 11.17 update. It's expected that this fix will be available worldwide soon, thwarting Nintendo's apparent plans to stop players from using the 3DS for anything other than officially released games.

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