Zaqali Elder World Bosses of Zaralek Cavern Coming Patch 10.1

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The new world boss encounter coming in Dragonflight Patch 10.1 is now available for testing on the PTR! Together, Vakan and Gholna are the the Zaqali Elders, powerful Djaradin locked in a constant contest of chaos and devastation.

An unusual two boss encounter, their rivalry is so potent that they gain a massive 75% outgoing damage increase and 90% incoming damage reduction when moved within 15 yards of one another!

World Bosses Vakan and Gholna are now available for testing. We’ll use this thread to discuss further changes in the coming weeks, and we greatly appreciate any feedback you might have.

Thank you! Gholna has mastery over lava, throwing magma and creating Lava Geyser around the arena. Conversely, Vakan has harnessed the power of shadowflame, enveloping players in darkness and summoning a Blistering Cyclone.

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