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Yu Suzuki wants to sell you Virtua Fighter JPEGs because NFTs refuse to die

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Yu Suzuki, the legendary ex-Sega game designer who has yet to be apprehended for his role in creating the Shenmue series, has gotten a new gig.

VGC(opens in new tab) reports that Suzuki has partnered up with Oasyx, «an NFT project developed on the Oasys gaming blockchain,» to produce a series of covetable JPEGs based around the Virtua Fighter series, which he created.

The partnership means that «fans can acquire limited-edition 'VF MAYU' NFTs» of «special Virtua Fighter characters,» which will be, uh, «incubated and revealed» next month.

That faintly gross-sounding process will produce 1,000 Virtua Fighter NFTs—featuring «11 characters from the first three Virtua Fighter games»—for someone, somewhere to spend too much money on.

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