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xQc panics and quickly shuts off AI bot after the latter calls Twitch's former CEO "brain-dead"

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Felix “xQc” has had another tense moment with an AI bot - this time involving Twitch’s former CEO, Emmet Shear. The streamer has had issues with his chatbot saying things that it really shouldn’t, and this time was no different.In a YouTube clip on the Twitch streamer’s official clips channel, titled “xQC will get Fired After This,” the bot discussed the streamer’s supposed opinions on the former Twitch CEO.

It didn’t get to finish the statement as Felix quickly skipped it, heading on to the next question.(Clip begins at 3:37:13)Twitch user “MDPog” asked AI xQc about the resignation of Emmet, who served as Twitch’s CEO for many years.

Many have accused him of being out of touch and not knowing what viewers and streamers want. The bot replied, saying:The bot answered the question before xQc knew what was happening, saying some fairly negative things about the former leader.Before the chatbot could go any further, the streamer cut it off and pushed it to the next question, which was, “How do you feel about chat?” He would scream briefly about it but would speak no more on the topic.The other AI chatbot questions were benign, but this one made the streamer panic for a brief moment.

It was likely because the chatbot resembles him and said negative things about the company. This could impact the content creator's career or contract in some manner.In this clip, at least one YouTube commenter was confused about how this all worked.

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