The Last Of Us Fans Discuss Whether More Bloaters Will Feature In Season 2

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HBO's The Last of Us has concluded, sucking up attention and spewing out Internet discussion, column inches, and debate over Joel and Ellie.

But as the finale rounded things out, speculation will naturally turn towards the second season, and the showrunners will have a meaty story to wrap their hands around.

The Last of Us gamers will know this of course. Those who've played The Last of Us and its sequel know what's in store. Not just the fate of Ellie and Joel, but what lies ahead in the form of the scary creatures that have transformed the world in which the characters find themselves.

These are the infected and Part 2 had some really impressive examples of the fungal-human forms. (You know what lies in that hospital...) But fans have been wondering about the bloaters, and whether they will appear in Season 2.

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