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"That was insanely dark!" HasanAbi asks fitness buff and cosplayer Leanbeefpatty about what scares her

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During Hasan “HasanAbi”’s latest Twitch stream, he interviewed popular fitness buff and cosplayer Patricia “Leanbeefpatty.” While discussing various things with her and Bradley Martyn, the topic of fear came up.

The streamer asked the cosplayer what she feared, and she took it to an incredibly real place without hesitation.She would bring up the one thing that terrified her, and judging by HasanAbi’s reaction, he was not expecting that sort of response.(Clip begins at 4:55:09)Leanbeefpatty is a TikTok content creator and cosplayer, with 4M+ followers on the platform and 100K+ on Twitter.

Well-known for her fitness content and excellent costumes, she recently sat down with HasanAbi and Bradley Martyn to discuss several topics; however, they eventually took to speaking about fear.Instead of giving a simple answer like an animal, or a type of person, Leanbeefpatty immediately spoke about existential dread and what she fears the most.Existential dread, or the fear of thinking one’s life was a waste, is certainly something people often grapple with mentally.

Leanbeefpatty put it out there without hesitation, which seemed to shock HasanAbi.Bradley and Leanbeefpatty said that this was something they had previously discussed on another podcast.

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