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Spider-Man 2 fans are hoping one of the 90s cartoon's most iconic scenes might return in the sequel

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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 fans are hoping that an unintentionally hilarious scene from a 30 year old cartoon will make a return in the upcoming sequel.

This week's PlayStation Showcase introduced us to Marvel's Spider-Man 2 with a lengthy gameplay trailer. Star of the show was Peter Parker and his fancy new suit - the Venom symbiote seems to rear its head early in the game, and Peter's new abilities come at the cost of his manners.

Elsewhere in the trailer, however, we get a look at a map that shows off all the Spider-Man 2 villains confirmed so far. Among those is Shocker, returning from a small role in Marvel's Spider-Man and apparently freed from his stint on supervillain prison The Raft.

That grouchy new Peter and his returning foe have got some fans eyeing the possibility of a very funny call-back. The 1990s cartoon Spider-Man: The Animated Series is somewhat credited with the idea that the Venom symbiote not only affects Peter's powers, but also his personality, and it's in this cartoon that a Shocker picks a fight with Spider-Man, leading to the scene below: I need the sequel to this badly 24, 2023 It's a scene that gets funnier every time I watch it, particularly Peter's anguished scream of Shocker's name, and his threat to "chase you to the ends of the earth." Interestingly, I've learned that the context of this scene is simply that Shocker picked a fight, decided he didn't want Spider-Man's symbiotic smoke, and tried to run away.

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