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Thank God Spider-Man 2 Made Peter Parker Edgy

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I’m not ashamed to say I like Spider-Man 3. The final entry in Sam Raimi’s trilogy is a corny mess that turns Peter Parker into a two-dimensional edgelord with far too many villains and subplots, but I can’t get enough of it.

A huge part of that is because of the cringe that comes with Peter’s dark angst. Bonding with the symbiote doesn’t make him ‘evil’ or push him toward anti-hero status, it makes him a fedora-tipping asshole who acts like he can take on the world.

And he can, because he’s Spider-Man juiced up on alien goo. It’s like watching a superpowered 13-year-old going through their ‘I’m better than everyone’ phase, right down to the bad dancing.

There’s so much confidence in the edginess, a real belief that it’s cool, and at no point is it undercut by jokes. It’s played serious and that’s why it’s so fun - of course Peter’s idea of badass is framed through the lens of a Reddit-addled nerd.

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