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A horror legend voicing Venom in ‘Spider-Man 2’ promises it’ll succeed where the Sony movies failed

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Let’s be honest with ourselves, although everyone loves Tom Hardy, his rendition of Marvel’s Venom isn’t exactly giving anyone heart palpitations.

If anything, he’s more tame than Topher Grace’s version from Spider-Man 3, which isn’t saying much. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to come across a portrayal of Venom that truly fits the bill as far as the character’s terrifying nature, which Marvel Comics has exhibited time and time again.

Arguably, one of the best sources for accurate Spider-Man content would be Insomniac Games’ PlayStation exclusive in Spider-Man, the spin-off Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and the upcoming sequel Spider-Man 2, all of which comprise an all-encompassing Spider-Verse.

And now, none other than Candyman himself will be joining the line-up as Eddie Brock, aka Venom.In recent years, the video game franchise has garnered considerable praise and a loyal following, namely due to the multi-faceted gameplay, mind-blowing character designs, and overall connection to the larger Spider-Man lore.

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