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Showcase 2023 Predictions & Rumours - PlayStation 5 (PS5) Forum - Page 4

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It's funny, because I think the presentation would have been largely positively received if it had been a short SoP. Start with MGS3 reveal (I'm sorry: it's Metal Gear Solid Delta now, isn't it?

lmao), transition into a few of the better looking showcase games (Dragon's Dogma 2; Phantom Blade Zero; maybe that Journey-esque game for people who like that sort of thing; etc.), a short VR interlude that teases RE4R VR, then end with Spider-Man.

Short, sweet, and high-quality. Nothing that'd particularly excite me, but I'm also not really a Playstation fan anymore. tbh I've noticed people tend to judge showcases more by the number of games they're not interested in.

Like that one Nintendo Direct that had several more notable announcements like Pikmin, Fire Emblem, Octopath, etc., but people ended up ripping on it because it also happened to show off a few indie farming sims.

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