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Star Wars fans debate which characters would make good Jedi

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Another day, another Star Wars debate. This time, the galaxy far, far away's fandom isn't discussing the merits of zips, whether spinning is actually a good trick, or that major Mandalorian moment involving the Darksaber.

Instead, Star Wars fans are asking the question: who else would make a good Jedi? In a Reddit post, one fan prompted the Star Wars community to "name a non-Star Wars fictional character that can also be a Jedi." The OP kicked things off with Gandalf, because of his "patience and strategic mind" as well as his "ability to be diplomatic." Both important qualities for a Jedi, to be sure.

Not everyone is in agreement, though. "Gandalf becoming a Jedi would be a power downgrade. Now Aragorn being a Jedi, that I could see," says one Redditor.

Another fan thinks The Matrix's Neo is a good bet, with a supportive comment pointing out that "he's the chosen one." A meeting between Neo and Anakin Skywalker is something we would definitely like to see.

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