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Roblox Monkey Tycoon Codes (January 2023)

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Roblox Monkey Tycoon is a game where players collect bananas and then make money by shooting them through a cannon — classic tycoon fun right there.

There are also a lot of monkeys of different colors that you can collect to get you bananas. Since this is a simulation/tycoon game, players will need to get a lot of bananas and money.

This is why you might need the boost that a code or two can give you. Luckily, there’s a code you can use in Roblox Monkey Tycoon right at the start of your playthrough. Related: Roblox That Crazy Adventure codes (January 2023) All Roblox Monkey Tycoon Codes List Roblox Monkey Tycoon Codes (Working) MURDER—Redeem for a one-time-use sword (New) Freeslimemonkey—Redeem for a big, startling surprise (New) 142496—Redeem for one million Monkeys Nothing—Redeem for one million Monkeys Hot—Redeem to be set on fire monkey backwards—Redeem for over 350k Monkeys RADIATION—Redeem for 177,147 Monkeys LotsOfMonkeys—Redeem for a free Monkeys reward!

Roblox Monkey Tycoon Codes (Expired) monkey backwards—Redeem for over 350k Monkeys (New) RADIATION — Unlocks: XL Nuclear Monkey (New, must be in groups Team Blue Monkey and Babble Games) LotsOfMonkeys — 100 monkeys Related: Roblox Shuudan codes How to redeem codes in Roblox Monkey Tycoon Follow the step below to redeem Roblox Monkey Tycoon codes: Join the following groups: Babble Games, Secret Monkey Squad, and Team Blue Monkey.

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