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Overwatch 2 Devs Are Working on a Special Queue for High-Ranked Players

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Overwatch 2 devs revealed that an exclusive queue for high-ranked players is in the works. Overwatch 2 is always working to create a good gaming environment for all players.

There is usually a lot of talk about unranked or low-ranked players who need a fair experience. Meanwhile, on the other side of the equation is a portion of players that is also important: the high-ranked players.Matchmaking has been a hot topic in Overwatch 2 during the current season.

The community has been debating the subject, offering various perspectives and ideas. One specific point that has generated the biggest debates, however, is the long queue times vs better quality lobbies.

On one side, part of Overwatch 2 players calls for Blizzard to increase queue time to find better matches. On the other hand, players argue that this feature is not necessarily a «magic solution» for the game's matchmaking.

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