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No Man's Sky Releases Update 4.15

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No Man’s Sky published patch 4.15 to fix some technical issues that appeared with its latest major update, Fractal.

Ever since the initial release of No Man’s Sky in 2016, developer Hello Games has been regularly releasing updates to improve its space-based action-adventure game, whether to fix errors or bring new content for players to enjoy.Fractal is the fourth major update for No Man’s Sky, including full support for the recently released PlayStation VR2.

This update not only brought support for Sony’s latest VR headset and its three-axis gyroscope, but it also came with a variety of quality-of-life and accessibility improvements.

The Fractal Update brought new content for players to discover, from a new starship to the Utopia Expedition, a challenge where players have to work together to rebuild an abandoned solar system. RELATED: No Man's Sky Fractal Update Allows Players to Own More ShipsA month after the release of the No Man’s Sky Fractal Update, Hello Games published a fourth patch to fix various issues causing performance issues, gameplay hindrances, and even console crashes.

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