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NASA set to explore Quantum Tech and 3D printing for climate and space research

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NASA is eyeing two new institutes to advance technology critical to engineering and climate research. Two research institutes are set to receive up to $15 million over a period of five years each.

One institute will concentrate on enhancing quantum sensing technology to support climate research, while the other will strive to improve comprehension and facilitate prompt certification of metal parts produced through advanced manufacturing methods."Their work will enable next-generation science for studying our home planet and broaden the use of 3D-printed metal parts for spaceflight with state-of-the-art modeling,” Jim Reuter, associate administrator for the agency's Space Technology Mission Directorate at NASA said.

Here's what NASA is planning:The Quantum Pathways Institute, headed by the University of Texas at Austin, will spearhead efforts to propel quantum sensing technology for next-generation Earth science applications.

The institute's focus is to promote new knowledge of our planet and the ramifications of climate change through the use of quantum sensors, which leverage principles of quantum physics to potentially gather more accurate data and facilitate unprecedented scientific measurements.

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