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Microsoft lays out appeal against CMA's Activision Blizzard acquisition block

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Just as it said it would, Microsoft has appealed the CMA's decision to block its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, and its summary of arguments is now available for scrutiny.

In April, after months of deliberation, the UK's Competition and Market Authority made the shock decision to block Microsoft proposed $69b acquisition of the Call of Duty maker, highlighting concerns relating to the burgeoning cloud gaming sector and arguing the deal would risk «stifling competition in this growing market».

It's a position that was welcomed by some and by rejected by others. The EU, which approved the deal in May after Microsoft agreed to concessions, has been critical of the CMA's stance, and a number of UK politicians, including chancellor Jeremy Hunt, have also raised concerns.

Microsoft, of course, has also criticised the decision, confirming it would launch an appeal. That appeal will require Microsoft to present its case to the the UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal, which it has now done, and a summary of its arguments is now available for perusal.

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