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Marvel's Most Powerful Mutant Is Bringing Cosmic War to the X-Men

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Warning: Contains spoilers for X-Men Red#1 The unbridled rage of Vulcan, one of Marvel's most powerful and dangerous mutants, will bring a cosmic war to the X-Men's doorstep.

While mutants are trying to establish their Arakko colony on the planet Mars, Vulcan's claims to the Shi'Ar throne threaten to destabilize the entire galaxy.

Gabriel Summers (Vulcan) is the brother of Cyclops and Havoc. All three are mutants with the power to manipulate energy to some degree, but Gabriel is without a doubt the most powerful of the X-Men's Craz Summers family.

After his debut, he was described to be «past Omega level» by professor Xavier, and even a powerful cosmic creature like Adam Warlock recognized Vulcan as one of the most powerful beings he ever met.

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