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"I turn away for 10 minutes and he has shaved his head" - Streaming community reacts as IShowSpeed outrageously shaves hair during livestream

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On March 17, popular streamer Darren "IShowSpeed" made headlines within the streaming community after experimenting with a hair clipper during his stream.

Unfortunately, this resulted in a hairline that was pushed back much further than intended, leading to many viewers commenting on how ridiculous he looked.

While the situation was certainly embarrassing for IShowSpeed, it also provided a moment of levity for fans who were able to find humor in the situation.

Darren's cameraman and manager, Slipz, took to his Twitter account to state:IShowSpeed has become well-known in the streaming community for his tendency to find himself in comical situations, often coupled with over-the-top reactions that make for entertaining viewing.

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