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Greet the Cats in Diablo IV - Dogs Aren't the Only Good Bois!

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Meow you doin'? Feeling pawsitively great? Think Diablo IV might be purrfection? Previously in our Twitter Space Q & A Roundup , we covered that dogs throughout Sanctuary can be shown what good boys and girls they are by petting them — and we think Blizzard had the right catitude when developing these interactions, because it was discovered during the Early Access Beta Weekend that cats can be interacted with as well!

Blizzard Executive Communications Manager Amelia Savery (@Sunset_SC2) made this discovery the first night of Early Access Beta, and it looks like both cat and dog people will be wagging their tails in Sanctuary!

The first step to interacting with a cute kitty is finding one — and thankfully, Kyovashad has a feline friend mousing around in the Inn, running up and downstairs next to your Stash and Wardrobe.

From there, emoting Hello at the cat will cause it to stretch, flop onto its side, and then roll onto its back (we promise — the belly isn't a trap)!

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