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GPT-4 Creates a Playable Version of Pong in Seconds

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When GPT-4 launched earlier this week, OpenAI said it was more creative than GPT-3.5, and as if to prove that, the AI chatbot has started developing video games.

As IGN reports(Opens in a new window), Pietro Schirano, design lead at financial services company Brex and self-proclaimed "AI chef," asked GPT-4 to recommend the best language to "build a pong like game." Schirano also stated he wanted lots of people to be able to play the game.

In response, GPT-4 recommended using JavaScript to develop a version of Pong, but went a step further than that and produced a playable version(Opens in a new window) of Pong in JavaScript.

If that wasn't impressive enough, it took the chatbot less than 60 seconds to respond to Schirano's question with the working example attached.

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