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Google Is Making Breakthroughs Much Bigger Than AI

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Hype surrounding the rise of ChatGPT and the supposed ground Google is losing to Microsoft Corp. and OpenAI in the search wars has overshadowed more important developments in computing, progress which will have far greater implications than which website serves up better tax advice.Quantum computing is the holy grail of scientists and researchers, but it's still decades away from reality.

Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc., however moved the ball down the field last month with news that it found ways to ameliorate one of the biggest problems facing the nascent field: accuracy.To date, all computing is done on a binary scale.

A piece of information is stored as either one or zero, and these binary units (bits) are clumped together for further calculation.

We need 4 bits to store the number eight (1000 in binary), for example. It's slow and clunky, but at least it's simple and accurate.

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