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Gamer Makes Game Boy Advance SP Out of LEGO Bricks, Actually Works

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A gamer has created a unique Game Boy Advance made entirely out of LEGOs. The designer of the item posted a video of the building process, which showed the Game Boy being put together brick by brick.

According to the video, the Game Boy is not just for show, but is actually completely functional, making it quite an innovate piece of work.The Retro Stash Repairs YouTube channel posted the video, and it is run by Miguel, the YouTuber who built the LEGO Game Boy Advance.

Miguel's channel specializes in repairing retro consoles and electronics, and it features several videos on how to fix various parts of Game Boy Advance, SP, and Micro, as well as other game systems such as Tamagotchis and Nintendo DS.

LEGO Reveals Lord of the Rings Rivendell SetIn the aforementioned video, Miguel demonstrates how he constructed a Game Boy Advance SP case using LEGOs.

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