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Mass Effect Fan Makes Custom Garrus and Wrex LEGO figures

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A skillful Mass Effect fan has recreated two of the most popular alien companions in the franchise in LEGO form.

The fan's ingenuity has resulted in the creation of these characters, which are now gaining adulation among fans of the franchise on the internet.The Mass Effect franchise has been regaining popularity in recent years, thanks to its latest installment, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which has been particularly appreciated by gamers, with many players complimenting the improved gameplay and updated aesthetics.

The franchise's engrossing plot and complex characters are key factors in its success, as players are easily captivated and drawn into the engaging world of Mass Effect, becoming invested in the fate of the characters they encounter. RELATED: Mass Effect 4 Teaser May Secretly Hint at the Game's ProtagonistReddit user Shadowking224 decided to express their appreciation for the series in a creative way by making two custom Mass Effect-themed LEGO pieces.

The two characters in question are Garrus Vakarian and Wrex, both of whom are fan favorites. The LEGO Garrus Vakarian is accurately recreated, complete with his sharp mandibles and face tattoo, and is seen sporting his iconic blue Turian armor and removable visor that covers his left eye.

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