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Elden Ring Players Can Beat Godfrey at Level 1 By Using This Ash of War

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The First Elden Lord is toppled with ease once again as an Elden Ring player is able to defeat Godfrey at level 1 using a specific Ash of War.

Elden Ring's combat is just like it's open world, wide and far-reaching, allowing just as much customizability in ones build as in their character customizer.

If someone is capable of making Itachi from Naruto in Elden Ring, then they could most likely recreate his abilities in the game as well.

So players try to go about beating bosses at as little a level as they can, and with the help of abilities like Ashes of War, that is made even easier.Ashes of War are special items in Elden Ring, allowing players to replace the weapon skills and affinities of their equipment.

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