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Dota 2 March 17 patch notes: Muerta receives a number of buffs

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The latest addition to the Dota 2 roster has been a mixed bag for the community at large. While some have enjoyed the hero as unique and fun, others have considered the abilities and kit disappointing.

The recent March 17 Dota 2 update sees the developers at Valve add a slew of buffs to Muerta while addressing some of these issues.

Muerta arrived with patch 7.32e in Dota 2. The new hero was announced first with a short clip back in The International 2022.

The Ranged Carry can be used as a Nuker and Disabler, with her abilities involving trickshots, summoning of sports, a passive ability of an extra gunshot and an ethereal ultimate form.The official patch notes for the update can be found on the Steam page of the game.

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