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Cassette Beasts Brings a Fresh Twist on Monster-Raising to Switch, Xbox Game Pass - Hardcore Gamer

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Cassette Beasts dropped in April for the PC and we absolutely loved it – now it’s hit consoles too! This blend of 3D adventure and Pokemon-style monster-raising has some interesting twists on the familiar tropes.

It’s a rare terat to find a game that takes an existing formula and tries new things with it, but the usage of a cassette in the town to merge people with the animals and form creatures for battles is a great one and leads to a lot of fun interactions.

Cassette Beasts has a very vibrant art style, but also a darker undercurrent to it thanks to its dungeon design. While Pokemon has its competition-based gym structure, Cassette Beasts tasks you with surviving dungeons against horrific monsters that seem to be stuck in a form of limbo.

The core action is familiar enough, but with a lot of experimentation being rewarded. The usage of cassette markers like stop being used to switch out a monster is fantastic and enables a deeper level of combat while still fitting the title perfectly.

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