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Recently I rarely played my Switch games as my PS4 games hype is still on. I felt Switch in year 6 started to feel disappointing for some reason.

The machine is already outdated in my opinion and it made the bad treatment for physical release by certain developers. Ralizah wrote: I think I'll spend far more time with TotK, because, as I said, being uninvested in the larger narrative, I don't care about the pacing.

I think it's also probably the funnest video game I've ever played. Insofar as Shigeru Miyamoto views video games as toys, I think TotK represents the pinnacle of their achievement as a company to date.

But it won't be as memorable or admirably designed an experience. At least for me. I hope that makes sense. Just quoting the end of your previous reply for context but yes, you're making perfect sense.

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