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Beat Saber PSVR 2 Review

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Beat Saber might be five years old now, but it’s still arguably at the very pinnacle of the VR rhythm action genre. Now, for PlayStation gamers, it’s better than ever, thanks to the newly launched PSVR 2 version of the game.The premise of Beat Saber is very simple.

You stand at the end of a conveyer belt with blue and red blocks floating towards you, the Sense controllers in your hands transformed into lighsabers that you must use to slice the blocks in time with the music.

Most blocks have an arrow showing the direction you must slice them in and they can come at you in symmetrical pairs or asymmetrical patterns, sometimes with a flurry of blocks of one colour or, just to make things a little more tricky, pairs of blocks that swap places as they move towards you.

Harder levels bring in walls that must be swerved around and mines that you cannot slice, but that’s essentially it: slice the blocks in time with the music, and rack up a high score.Each tune also comes with four difficulty levels and you are scored on how close you slice through the centre of the block and your movement.

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