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How to Beat Gleeoks in Tears of the Kingdom: All Gleeok Locations

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Tears of the Kingdom maintains several vital elements fans loved from Breath of the Wild. Still, it would be unfair to say the game doesn’t bring something new.

Or, in this case, bring something back from an even older title. In Tears of the Kingdom, players will run into an enemy worse than Lynels — the Gleeoks.

These three-headed dragons will electrify, frost, and roast Link until players beat them or rage quit. ** This Guide is currently in progress, and will continue to update as new info becomes available** This guide explains what Gleeoks are, how to beat them, and lists every location they can be found, fought, and killed. Related: Zelda Fan’s Love for Gaming Rekindled Thanks to Tears of the Kingdom All Gleeok Locations & Types The table below lists every type of Gleeok players can encounter while exploring Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom.

The location of each one is also included alongside their various weaknesses, which players must take advantage of if they want to have any hope of beating these enemies in combat.

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