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Artist Recreates One of the Pokemon Anime's Most Heartbreaking Moments

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An artist online has shared their own recreation of one of the Pokemon anime's most heartbreaking moments. This has remained one of the iconic scenes from the Pokemon anime, despite there being plenty to choose from since.Since its release in 1997, Pokemon has remained a pop-culture phenomenon spanning multiple generations of fans.

By maintaining the anime and games as companions to each other, The Pokemon Company has ensured that each new generation marks a huge moment for the franchise.

Now on Generation 9, Pokemon remains as popular as ever. Fans can even go to a Pokemon cafe in Japan for all their Pokemon-based treats based on the series.

It stands as an example of the huge cultural impact the series has had. Pokemon Fan Creates Paradox Form for JirachiThe artwork by Redditor addyxiii is a recreation in the pixel-art style of the Pokemon games, of Pikachu's goodbye scene from Pokemon Indigo League where it seemed that Ash and Pikachu were destined to part ways.

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