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70% of Tears of the Kingdom staff hadn't worked on a Zelda game before

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Around 70% of developers on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom had never worked on a Zelda game before. Yesterday on May 25, Bungie senior activity designer Max Nichols broke down some figures from the Tears of the Kingdom credit list.

It turns out that of the 1,148 people listed in the latest Zelda game's credits, roughly 800 had never worked on a Zelda game before, which means around 70% of staff were brand new to the series with Tears of the Kingdom.

I finally got my hands on the Tears of the Kingdom credits list! Some things I see: - 1,148 people listed (BOTW had 914)- ~800 (~70%) had never been credited in a Zelda game before- QA and NOA/NOE loc teams ARE credited.

Korea & China are not.(cont)May 25, 2023 This comes as a massive surprise given Twitter speculation over the last week or so.

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