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@Th3solution pretty sure it's Netflix @KilloWertz The pun book is not from the DLC! @Th3solution The Last of Us Part I is probably my favorite 2022 purchase.

I hardly ever replay games, like maybe only 10 or so during my life, and I had not expected it to be The Last of Us, but the remake goes a long way to making me completely change my mind about the first game.

I thought the game was neat, but replaying it, with the new face animations and better details, makes me appreciate so many things I didn't even notice during my first play.

And yeah, 10 years after the games initial release was never really weird to me anyway. Pretty much the same Nintendo did for Zelda Wind Waker, another game that I think everyone should have played in their life. @RogerRoger I laugh a lot during The Last of Us.

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