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"You're doing this s**t for money too!" - Adin Ross hits back at HasanAbi and calls him "buffoon"

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On March 19, Kick streamer Adin Ross responded to political commentator Hasan "HasanAbi," who claimed that the former "felt alone" and was "doing everything he could" to stay relevant.Adin Ross then hit back at the Turkish-American personality by suggesting that he did not require relevance.

He almost said he signed a multi-million dollar contract and asserted he was "set for life."The Florida native continued further, stating that money was more important than relevance.

He called out HasanAbi by saying:Adin Ross was 20 minutes into his broadcast when he came across a clip on his Discord featuring HasanAbi.

In the video, the latter commented on the former's recent controversial shenanigans, stating:The former Twitch streamer paused the video and said that he did not need relevancy: Timestamp: 00:20:00 According to Adin Ross, relevance is "not the answer," and HasanAbi is also in it for the money.

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