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Xur is selling high-stat Exotic armor and a god roll Hawkmoon in Destiny 2 (March 17-21)

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With the arrival of another weekend in Destiny 2 Season 20, everyone's focus shifts to the Agent of the Nine and his inventory.

Players can expect a lot of high-stat Exotic armor pieces this week, alongside god roll weapons. However, before heading in, everyone should note that this week's Legendary armor pieces aren't providing a lot of stat spikes.The Exotic vendor can be found near the Winding Cove waypoint in EDZ.

Players can spawn and head to the leftmost part of the map. A small cave on the side of the road will lead straight to Xur. The image below will provide a clearer idea of which path to take. Disclaimer: God rolls mentioned in this article are subjective and rely solely on the writer's opinion. On the first page of Xur's inventory, the following Exotics are available for purchase in exchange for Legendary Shards:Lord of Wolves can still be used in PvE for both boss DPS and add (additional enemies) clearing, despite the heavy nerf it faced in PvP.

Hunters are recommended to purchase the Lucky Raspberry with 21 Discipline and 68 base stats, making it one of the highest total stats in an Exotic armor piece.While the Crest of Alpha Lupi and Geomag Stabilizers doesn't have spikes in the recommended stats, any beginner player can pick either of the two for a decent Titan Void or Warlock Arc load-out.

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