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Xbox 360-Style Controller Will Soon Be Available For Xbox Series X/S

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Many nostalgic Xbox 360 gamers will be pleased to learn that a controller modeled after the classic console's controller will soon be available for the current-gen Xbox Series X/S.

For those who miss the feeling of an Xbox 360 controller, one company is bringing it back to life, so it can be enjoyed with the newest generation of Xbox consoles.Although it's been a long time since the Xbox 360 has been in the spotlight with its initial release in 2005, there are many gamers who have fond recollections of the classic console.

Whether the Xbox 360 was someone's first console or just served as a way to make great memories, there are many gamers around the world who had wonderful times with this specific Xbox installment.

Naturally, with each new iteration of a console that is released every few years, the accompanying controller tends to change as well.

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