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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How To Get Infinite Dragon’s Cure Powder & Make Any Boss Fight Easy | Part 3 Guide

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Saying Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a difficult game is an understatement. This Souls-like remix of Dynasty Warriors features brutally difficult boss fights.

Beating the first boss alone is a herculean task — but if you’ve progressed to Part 3 there’s a method to totally smooth over the sudden difficulty spikes.

Using a specific item (and more spells) you can effectively tank bosses, slashing away without a care in the world. Like the Nioh series before it, this game can be broken in half.

Here’s one simple method for making every mid-game (and late-game) boss fight a breeze. More Wo Long: Fallen Kingdom guides: How To Beat The First Boss | How To Farm 1,000,000 Genuine Qi | Hidden Village Locked House Key Locations | How To Destroy Terra Cotta Soldiers | How To Make Any Boss Easier | How To Beat Lu Bu | Hardest Boss Tips | How To Fully Upgrade The Dragon Cure Pot Dragon’s Cure Powder is an additional healing item you can use to supplement your standard healing.

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