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Why Persona 6 is Trending on Twitter

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Persona franchise fans wanting to know the Persona 6 release date are making the game trend on Twitter. After the success of Persona 5, fans are highly speculating about what new surprises and game mechanic upgrades may be included in Persona 6.One of the reasons why Persona 6 is trending right now can be linked to the recent reveal of the Persona 5 mobile game, titled Persona 5: The Phantom X, which is a spin-off of the main Persona 5 game.

It features action-packed gameplay with real-time combat and a new story that takes place after the events of Persona 5. In the wake of the mobile game's announcement, fans have taken to Twitter to ask questions about the long-awaited release date of Persona 6.

Upcoming Persona Event Will Not Have Any New Game Announcements One reason for Persona 6 trending is because the fans are hungry for more.

Persona 5 was such a massive success that fans are eager to see what Atlus has in store for the next installment. There has been no official announcement regarding the release date of Persona 6 yet, but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating.

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