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Warframe Patch Notes 33.0.13 (May 26th Update) - Hardcore Gamer

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Full patch notes are below this commentary The latest patch notes for Warframe have sparked a lively discussion on the Warframe subreddit, with players sharing their thoughts and opinions on the changes.

One particular change that has drawn attention is the alteration to the Endurance Intrinsic. Some players perceive it as a significant nerf, expressing their concern over the removal of additional health upon upgrading decrees.

The impact of this change, if it indeed eliminates the extra health, is seen as a substantial blow, prompting reactions like “ouch…” Disappointment surfaces among players as they note the absence of fixes for shrines in the open world.

According to their comments, attempting to complete shrines has become an unfulfilling experience, with an 80% chance of being unable to finish them.

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