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To celebrate Diablo 4's impending launch, Lilith is selling chocolate, including life-sized human skulls, for some reason

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Diablo 4 is almost upon us, and that means it's time for a weird marketing campaign. Lilith & Co, named for the game's demonic mum, is opening a chocolate shop in London where you can buy and snack on tasty treats like human skulls, femur bones and demon hearts.

My belly is rumbling. Or maybe I just feel a little sick. This 18+ chocolate shop is apparently part anatomical museum and part art gallery, so you can feel very cultured while you stuff your face with expensive chocolate.

The shop also features «large scale Diablo characters» created by Sarah Hardy, a sculptor and chocolatier from The Edible Museum.

I have absolutely no idea what confectionery has to do with Diablo, unless there's some deep lore that I've somehow missed, but trying to make sense of videogame marketing campaigns is a fool's errand.

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