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TL:DR: Anyone also actively playing the Hazard mode of Battlefield 2042? Hit me up... So… it's unreal, isn't it. After more than 4 years of waiting we will finally get something to see this year..

As incredible as the single player game was, it still was too long obviously (like most games). But even if it was too long, besides all the greatness, I also just loved the last chapter because just standing and walking as Ellie in her «full assault» mode felt so great (game wasn't about that, I know but still).

Naughty Dog wouldn't need to do anything, just make a regular multiplayer with their animations and quality, and it would be enough.

They obviously don't do (just) that and we will very likely get something unique and completely new. Still, I so pray to the dogs that it will have a lot of the «core» of something like Tarkov, Hunted and more importantly Battlefield's Hazard mode.

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