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Tears Of The Kingdom Players Are Just Realising You Can Help The Sign Guy

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a game that constantly rewards you for being a good person on your adventure. Helping out fellow travellers, escorting Koroks to their friends, and charging into battle with the monster control squad are all deeds that net you some nice rewards, so when you see poor loyal Addison struggling to set up various Hudson Construction signs across Hyrule, your natural instinct is to give him a hand, right?

Apparently not for quite a few Tears of the Kingdom players, as many are just now realising that you can actually help out Addision by propping up his signs with various bits of wood while he secures them in place.

In response to popular YouTuber SmallAnt sharing the news that it took them 130 hours to 100 percent the game, many are coming to the realization that Addison isn't just a repeat NPC for players to point and laugh at and get on with their quest.

Related: Tears Of The Kingdom's Temples Are The Pinnacle Of Zelda Design Twitter users Schaffrillas was the one to blow the minds of fellow Tears of the Kingdom players, who says they didn't know that they were "supposed to do something with the Hudson signs this whole time." The replies are filled with a mixture of those that already knew and are baffled as to how you could miss this, and players amazed and feeling guilty that they left Addison struggling for so long. "I thought it was a hilarious running gag," explains MegaX, who explains that they told Addison to let go every time they encountered him as a joke.

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