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Tears Of The Kingdom Players Are Helping The Sign Guy With Floating Blocks

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It's not easy living in Hyrule. You never know when a red haired dude decides to invade, a witch decides to take revenge, or the whole continent gets swallowed by the sea.

Its people have faced a lot of hardship, but yet, they endure. We see this once again in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom via the shining example set by real estate tycoon President Hudson and his loyal marketing executive, Addison.

Hudson leveraged the destruction caused by the Upheaval and decided to earn the big bucks rebuilding Hyrule. He also made sure to spread the word by putting up signs all over the continent.

Unfortunately, Addison can't quite handle the task by himself, so Link occasionally has to help him prop up the signs. However, some players have discovered a quick way to hold up the sign and carry on with their adventure.

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